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Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

West and Under by Alisha Dryburgh, is Vancouver’s Top Hair Extension Specialist. She offers Hot Fusion hair extensions from Great Lengths and can create a beautiful, natural look for you.

Hot Fusion in Vancouver by Great Lengths Canada

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The Benefits

∙ Fully customizable hair
∙ Highest quality remy hair
∙ 8″ to 20″ inches
∙ Increased volume, length and thickness/density
∙ Over 60 colours to choose from
∙ Will not hurt your natural hair

Before and After of Hot Fusion Extensions

See the colour contours in different light settings.

Before, during and after Hot Fusion application

Notice the added length and density of this clients hair. Here you can see our strand-by-strand method.

Before and After of Hot Fusion Extensions

We added some length to this clients hair. Notice the increase in volume and thickness as well. Another happy client!


Alisha Dryburgh 604-979-8809 | 1243 Hamilton St. Yaletown (operating out of Topknot Beauty Room)